UDisc UWin Competition

This year, we'll be having a special event at the Ace Race.  It's the UDisc UWin Competition.  UDisc is sponsoring the event and we are going to have a special compeition for some great UDisc prizes.  UDisc is a great app for finding courses, scorekeeping, keeping track of your progress and seeing how you stack up to others in the community.  If you aren't using it today, go downloaded it on your device today!  After one outing, you'll wonder why you weren't using it before.



The event details will be updated soon, but for now, here are the UDisc prizes.  

1st Place - UDisc t-shirt and 3 free years of UDisc Cloud!

2nd Place - 2 free years of UDisc Cloud

3rd Place - 1 year of UDisc Cloud